Feng Shui your home – The Basics

Feng Shui your home – The Basics

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December 30, 2017
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Feng shui is one of those incredibly complex arts of design that takes years of study to get right. But I really do feel like it’s important to know where to place things in order to make yourself and your home feel the best that it can. Your home has an energy. So what kind of energy do you want to project to those who enter your home? And what do you want to manifest more of into your life?
Well, according to the art of Feng shui, we can design and decorate our homes to create more balance, harmony, love and prosperity into our lives. Here are the basics of basics.

Clean the Clutter

This is the first step and a vital one if you plan on Feng shui-ing the shiz out of your home. And we are not just talking about throwing away the old pile of Vogue magazines you have collecting dust on the coffee table. Clean ALL of the clutter out of your home, and your life. Every closet, every cupboard, every drawer. Minimize, downsize … ask yourself, do I really need this? This might sound time consuming, and it is, but it is also incredibly therapeutic and you feel amazing when you have cleansed your space. Clean and open space = clear mind and fresh energy.

Light & Airy

Chi energy is the energy of light and air in the world of Feng-shui and when you are creating the perfect zen space, you want lots of natural light and fresh, purified air. This means, opening those curtains and those windows and letting that fresh air sweep through your living space. Invest in air purifying plants, think palms … bamboo, areca, lady palms all great for cleansing the air. A salt lamp is also a really good way to help purify the air in your home.

Energy Map

You need to define the Feng shui energy of your house. This means which areas of your home are associated to specific areas of your life. For example, the North of your home in traditional Feng shui is associated with your career. You will find yourself most productive for work if your office is towards the north of your home. Or if you want to create more productivity in your career zone you would apply the specific element required for this in the north zone of your home. (We will talk elements if you just keep scrolling). This is a VERY basic guide. We suggest to do a little research yourself if you are truly interested in how the energies of feng shui can affect the productivity of specific aspects in your life.

Decorate with the Elements

There are five basic elements according to create balance and positive energy in your life. These are wood, fire, earth, metal, water.


  • This element is for growth, expansion, vision and vitality. Think greens, browns, squared objects and beautiful thriving plants.


  • Think passion, romance, the heart … it’s bright like the sun and full of happiness. When you need a boost in creativity, if your lonely or your energy is low this is when you need to bring fire into your home and your life. You can bring this into your home with colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple and pinks. Think of items like candles, rugs and blankets.


  • Keeping strong earth energy in your home will help to keep you grounded and provide stability, calm and support for personal and professional endeavours. As well as protection of relationships. This energy is particular great in the bedroom and compliment the fire energy well. When decorating with the Earth elements think beiges and taupes, landscape artworks and pottery.


  • This energy brings creativity, clarity, precision and efficiency. The presence of metal energy in your home can be represented by the use of whites and greys. Think, fresh, light and airy. Decorate with white and grey pillows, metal frames and white rugs.


  • This element represents ease, abundance, renewal. You want to incorporate this energy when focusing on your career, home and family or financial growth. Decorate quite literally using water or with images of the ocean on lakes. Try a blue rug and incorporate mirrors into your space.
    When it comes down to it – you know what you are intuitively drawn to. What makes you feel calm and at peace, what ignites your passion or what sparks creativity and motivation. If Feng shui seems a little too complicated – be basic. Bring into your home more of what feels good. Remember light, fresh air and a little color to encourage what we want to prosper in our lives.
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