Three ways to Pump Up your Self-Love

Three ways to Pump Up your Self-Love

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September 18, 2017
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September 22, 2017
We want you to sing the word L-O-V-E to the skies. Self-love that is. Say it clear, say it loud, say it proud—I LOVE me!
Okay, we will admit it might feel a little strange and we certainly don’t want you to start thinking we’re some egotistical weirdos, so let us explain…
Remember that old saying before you can truly love someone else you must first learn to love yourself? It couldn’t be more true! But sometimes it’s not so easy; that’s why we are here to help. In a world of public profiling and an image driven, consumer society (which, admittedly, we are very much a part of), it’s so darn easy to get caught up in the comparison game and the feeling of not being “good enough.”
And in that game it takes just a short time to go from hero to zero. You start the day feeling fabulous, then you see a post from that beautiful woman with the ‘perfect life’ who seems to have it all. Self doubt creeps in. You start wishing you had a slimmer waistline, a thigh gap, your dream job, a better personality, darker hair–perhaps if you purchased those shoes you saw last week your life would be complete? … ummm STOP.
You are amazing! You are unique! You are beautiful! You are YOU! The truth is we are all different, unique and special and there is no one quite like YOU. So let your little light shine and be who YOU are. Start feeling proud of your journey, of who you are now and of who you are striving to be.


We are obsessed with positive quotes and mantras (hello coffee cup quotes!). We Iove finding positive messages to post on social media, to pin to our vision boards and to encourage an attitude that can change a dream-er into a do-er . But we also love those meaningful words that remind us of the amazing qualities we already possess. So…each day choose one thing to say aloud that you love about yourself. It doesn’t have to be physical. It could be that you are an amazing friend or a fantastic mamma. Whatever it is, say it with conviction and believe it with every fiber of your being. This is key. You have to believe it babes! Remember, you are a smart cookie. If you have spent the last 10 years proclaiming you hate your figure, you aren’t going to believe yourself this week when you say you have a rocking hot bod that you love.
To that end, start small: perhaps you love your body because of the amazing energy it gives you to be active every day. Or perhaps you love your womanly shape because it has allowed you to carry and nourish your beautiful children. Or maybe you are a wonderful listener and have empathy for those around you? Be real with yourself – this is not a fake it until you make it type thing.


Find out what it means to me. In order to improve self-love you must learn to treat yourself with the respect you expect from others. Say Whhaaaaaaaaat?
Practice being kinder to yourself. Stop the trash talking ESPECIALLY in front of others. Accept a compliment without deflection. Celebrate your strengths and nurture your weaknesses. If you lead be example (and confidence) others will definitely follow!

Surround Yourself with Beautiful Souls

Surround yourself with people who make you feel wonderful about yourself. People who allow you to be yourself with #nofilter. Your peeps should encourage your dreams, laugh and cry with you and make you feel amazing from the inside out. Bestie’s are the BEST and no girl is complete without them.
This week we want you to spoil yourself. Shower yourself with self-love and see the amazing beautiful soul that we all see!
LET’S START THE SELF-LOVE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. TELL US ONE THING YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. We wanna see it on Instagram too so @thesoulsistersus #thesoulsisters