Shake It Off
January 5, 2018
Morning Motivation: We Love you a Latte!
January 29, 2018
Many of us watched the Golden Globes this year with a different perspective. A greater message was at the forefront of this glamorized event.
#TIMESUP is an initiative started for all, to stand in solidarity to fight against sexual harassment, assault, abuse and equality for both men and women in the workplace or whilst in the pursuit of their careers. Donations can be made on the GoFundMe page or the official Times Up Website, all donations go towards the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which was created to provide subsidized legal support for victims who have come forward.
Golden Globes attendees wore black on the red carpet this year in an effort and movement to show that they stood in solidarity for the cause. The hashtag #Whywewearblack and #TimesUp went viral and over $15 million dollars was raised. Incredible.
Sexual harassment, abuse, assault and equality can be a sensitive subject for some, avoided by most, but thanks to the courageous silence breakers across all industries who have come forward and spoken out, WE are moving forward. As Oprah said, a new day is on the horizon. And because of these brave individuals we are now all fighting together, for you and with you. We believe you. We will stand with you. We are all one in the same and every human deserves the same kindness, compassion, opportunity and treatment. #TimesUp and we support all the men and women who are brave enough to say so.
2018 is a year of hope – change, a greater understanding and acceptance of each other because of some phenomenal men and women who decided to say #TimeUp.