Why We Love Green Smoothies

Why We Love Green Smoothies

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May 29, 2018
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So you have been creeping on Instagram and noticed your feed is flooded with beautiful images of these so called Green Smoothies. You know the ones with the hashtag frenzy looking something like this … #greensmoothies #vitamix #cleaneating #healthyliving
Well, unlike the mad craze of manly lumberjack beards, cool blue hair rinses or those Converse you just HAD to purchase a few years back (and recently traded in for Adidas), the green smoothie trend is a keeper. Green smoothies are a habit for life and they are the bomb diggity, no diggity.

What is a Green Smoothie?

A green smoothie is the ultimate fast food … quick, satisfying and tasty. It is a fabulous fibrous blended beverage that is made up of 40 to 80 percent healthy greens. Think spinach, kale and arugula. Fruits and veggies can be added to enhance the flavor, texture, color and healthy benefits of a green smoothie. That’s why these babies taste so good! You get to choose the flavors you love to go into the mix.
Spinach is a neutral tasting green, so I pack my smoothies full of this and add a little fruit to sweeten. Remember, some fruits have a high natural sugar content ,which can cause spikes in energy and then a massive low. Hello tired at 3pm. So, try to pick fruits low on the glycemic index (GI) like apples, blueberries, pears, strawberries and kiwis to help keep your blood sugar levels in check. This will also keep you fuller for longer and give you sustained energy throughout the day.

Why are they all the rage?

Let me drop a beat and break it down for you. Fruits, vegetables and especially greens are full to the brim with nutrition, containing vitamins and minerals to enhance our health and our beauty. You had us at beauty. Our bodies need minerals to help our hair, skin and nails, to rebuild collagen, to improve overall circulation and to detoxify and cleanse. The long list of vitamins from A to Z assists brain development and performance, boost energy levels, fight fatigue, create healthy organ function, help balance hormone levels and adrenals, as well as boost immune systems to help fight infection and diseases like heart disease and cancer! Whoa…

Why Blend?

Okay – so the best way to benefit from fruit and veggies is to eat them in their natural, raw state. Why? Well, it’s mostly because some cooking methods like boiling for example, reduce the mineral and vitamin content. Now I am certainly not saying that everyone should become a raw foodie, but we all should definitely look at increasing the amounts of raw greens and veggies we eat. This is why green smoothies are so perfect – because you don’t make friends with salad. Well, you probably do but you will make lots of friends with green smoothies because blending all of these beautiful greens into a delicious smoothie, allows us to consume large quantities of raw produce at a time and it tastes AMAZING.
Blending also retains all of the fiber rather than removing it. Fiber is important for our bods, helping sweep out those nasty toxins. It’s the digestive system that is responsible for the majority of our immunity. Often chronic health issues can be caused by having an unhealthy tummy and green smoothies can help keep our digestive tracts and our bodies clean.
What do you think? Would you drink a Green Smoothie everyday? Well, we are about to start a 10 day Green Smoothie Challenge and we want you to do it with us! It's super easy, just one Green Smoothie everyday to help keep the doctor away. Then be sure to send us pics of you and your Green Smoothies on Instagram @thesoulsistersus #TSS10daygreensmoothiechallenge AND If you're lacking recipe inspiration, head on over to our good friends at Raw Blend ... they have SOOOOOO many delicious green smoothie recipes!